About The Book

Leadership for Lawyers is the first book of its kind written by a lawyer for lawyers, judges, law firm administrators, and others in the legal profession to help them become more effective leaders.

The book explains various theories of leadership, provides practical advice on how to become a better leader, and shows how increasing leadership development education and training could significantly improve the legal profession as a whole.

With one chapter specifically devoted to women and leadership in the legal profession, this book is designed to improve the ability of women to advance to leadership positions in the profession.

Rubenstein shows lawyers why leadership is so vital for every successful legal organization. He takes the reader on a guided tour of the leadership literature of the past fifty years. He identifies the various brands of leadership that authors and business men and women have been teaching and practicing, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each. He shares success stories of leaders who have practiced leadership skills in order to steer their firms and companies to new heights. This book is a must for every partner in the firm, and every associate who strives to make partner.