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Leadership Theory and Practice for Lawyers What is leadership? Leadership is the creation and fulfillment of worthwhile opportunities by honorable means. Herb Rubenstein  
WhitePaper - Leadership And Law Firm Success The quality of leadership within law firms has, for the first time, been shown statistically to be a significant driver of the ... Dr. Laurie J. Bassi  
Creating An Individual Platform “Leaders of leaders” have a different role. They develop a platform upon which the organization and the organization’s “leaders” set the tone, ... Herb Rubenstein  
How To Prepare Your Speech And Overcome Speaking Anxiety It has been reported that the fear of public speaking is the number one phobia in America today. There are ... Herb Rubenstein  
Why Leadership Development is Such a Hard Sell in the Legal Profession As a practicing lawyer for 28 years, I have watched my profession from a very close vantage ... Herb Rubenstein  
What Leaders Do: A Checklist Over 30 years ago Jack Wallace and I developed the first computerized evaluation system so that students could evaluate faculty members ... Herb Rubenstein  
The Platform Driven Organization The purpose of this article is to shed light on two key developments in the field of leadership that are significantly impacting organizations ... Herb Rubenstein  
Leaders Who Make A Difference: Essential Strategies For Meeting The Nonprofit Challenge One of the book’s major premise is that leaders exist at every level of an ... Herb Rubenstein  
The Difference Between Leaders And "Leaders Of Leaders" A Leader Is a Person or Group of People Who: Identifies a significant gap between what exists today and ... Herb Rubenstein  
Leadership Behaviors and Motivation: Practical Approaches and Checklists In order to be a better leader, one needs to become familiar with examples of leadership ... Herb Rubenstein  
What Leaders Do? Insights Into Why Leadership Development Is So Challenging Successful leadership requires that a person be able to analyze a current situation, understand enough of its history to see why ... Elizabeth Mills, Attorney at Law, Inzer, Haney & McWhorter, P.A.
Herb Rubenstein