Leadership Training for Judges

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The State of Louisiana has a new training program on leadership development for judges.  We commend this work and believe that if all judges had leadership training it could improve the administration of justice in the United States.  Judges are leaders.  They lead their staffs and they lead in the courtroom.

However, very few judges receive formal leadership training.  The leadership training would include learning about leadership best practices, leadership styles, leadership theory, understanding others’ leadership styles, active listening, and setting expectations with all those whom you lead.

Let us know your thinking on whether judges should receive leadership training.  If you hear of other leadership training programs for judges in addition to the one in Louisiana, please let us know.  If you are a judge and want to learn more about what leadership training could do for you and your colleagues on the bench, let us know.

With court dockets becoming more and more crowded, with litigants being more demanding, and with the law becoming ever more complex, judges could benefit more from leadership training now than ever before.


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  1. Hello, I work in the Oregon Judicial Department for the Office of Education, Training, and Outreach. We are looking for programs for our judges that can assist with leadership development. Specifically we have an annual judicial conference scheduled for October 2013 and I am interested in talking to someone about your program and possibly bringing presenter(s) out to Oregon. I can be reached through email or at 503-986-5925 weekday 8-5pm PST. Thank you for your consideration!

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