Leading Clients to Settlements

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Clients with unreasonable expectations can be their own worst enemy.  But, we cannot blame clients since they hear about huge awards or settlements for cases that appear far less egregious than their own case.  Justice to some clients only comes if they feel they can bring significant harm to the other side.  Clients need to be informed, educated, and led by lawyers.  We are not just their agent; we are their counselors.  Counselors need to have well honed leadership skills in order to gain the trust, the credibility, and most important, the authority in their relationship with their clients so that their counseling and advice makes a positive difference with their clients.  Lawyers who do not lead their clients are hired guns and hurt not only their clients and themselves, but also the legal profession as a whole.  Leadership training helps lawyers develop the qualities necessary to become the authority worth hundreds of dollars an hour that clients seek when they hire them.

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