Leadership Skills in Government and Regulatory Practice

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The body of law in a government or regulatory practice can be both complex and govern even the smallest minutiae of your case and your representation.  You need to be able to attend and understand the smallest detail and the biggest picture, all at once.  Often you have little power against an opponent with resources that are vastly greater than yours.  Your job may be not only to get the most out of the resources available to your side, but also see to it that your opponent does not unleash all of the resources that they have available on their side that would bury you and your client.  This area of practice is about obtaining justice for your individual client or the government agency that you represent.  Leaders will know that e-discovery mastery in this area will be an essential skill.  As you improve your leadership skills you will be able to understand the motivations of all of the varied stakeholders that may affect your client’s or agency’s position.  Leadership skills are essential for government lawyers and those in the private sector who have a regulatory practice.

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