Leadership Skills for Improving Client Services

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The quality of client services has increased with the introduction of better legal research methods, more access to electronic articles, and the ability of lawyers to keep up with changes in the law better than they ever have before.  A case of some import can be decided on Tuesday afternoon in Seattle, Washington, and the decision from that case can used in a legal argument in Alexandria, Virginia the next day, on Wednesday morning.  (I was involved in exactly that situation in the US District Court in Alexandria a few years back). But, improving client services requires more than knowing the law in a timely manner.  It includes being able to understand the client’s true goals and motivations for the suit, which the client often cannot articulate.  Improving client services requires developing excellent “active listening skills” when it comes to listening to your client, to the other side, the judge, the evidence, and the movement in the body of law that governs your case.  The better leader you are, all other things being equal, the better client services you will be able to provide.  Improving your leadership skills can help you become a better lawyer and manager and positively impact all of the places where lawyers work.

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