Leadership Skills and Law Firm Administration

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Management gurus have long said that ‘leaders do the right thing; managers do it right.”  The great leadership and strategic management scholar, Henry Mintzberg, who previously subscribed to this thought, now says that managers are leaders and there is not a lot of difference between leadership and management.  Why would becoming a better leader improve your ability to improve law firm and legal offices administration?  The answer is complex, but made simple, leaders get people on the same page and creating this alignment in your law firm or legal office can pay great dividends.  Leaders also get the most out of people and move those who do not want to contribute successfully to improving the administration of your law firm or legal office out of the way.  Leaders hold others accountable, just as they hold themselves accountable.  Leaders set high, but achievable goals, and don’t accept excuses if these goals are not met.  Taking leadership development courses can improve how law organizations that employ lawyers can be better run, provide better client services, and provide more income to the lawyers who work in the organization.

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