Leadership and Litigation

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I have been a litigator for 28 years.  Litigators know that they need to move people in order to achieve the result they and their clients’ desire.  Whether you need a jury verdict in your favor, a judge’s decision, or to win a critical motion, or to achieve a favorable settlement, a lawyer who is an active litigator needs to be a skilled leader.  The leadership qualities most needed by litigators include being able to motivate and persuade others, be able to develop a command over and organize the subject matter and evidence of the case, and be able to understand the prevailing law that governs the case.  When it comes to achieving a favorable settlement or a favorable verdict or decision, credibility of the lawyer is paramount.  In addition, leaders know how their words and actions will be understood and analyzed by those who hear them.  Leadership skills of lawyers can be developed and will help lawyers in each of these areas to improve the outcomes they obtain in litigation.  Finally, lawyers in litigation settings often have to lead their clients who might have unreasonable expectations.  Leading clients is a critical skill that lawyers, who know they are more than hired guns, possess and develop throughout their careers.

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